Africa Relief

Al-Bir and At-Taqwa Well

Where: Uganda Sector: Water Implementation Month: June 2023 Project Description: Clean water is life’s most basic need, and our newly constructed surface water well is a testament to that. By quenching thirst, we’re revitalizing communities and offering them better health. Beneficiaries: The project supports 200-400 individuals, gifting them with consistent clean water access.

Hajja Muyassar Hassan Shuaib Mosque & Water Well

Where: Tanzania Sector: Education Implementation Month: March 2023 Project Description: We’ve proudly established a mosque combined with a water well. This project doesn’t just provide spiritual nourishment but also addresses the tangible need for clean water. It’s a symbol of community, faith, and sustainability. Beneficiaries: The entire village, over 1,000 strong, benefits. They now have …

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Ehsanollah School

Where: Gambia Sector: Education Implementation Month: December 2022 Project Description: We’ve diligently set up a school featuring 4 classrooms and an office. By fostering education in this manner, we’re granting children the privilege of knowledge and a brighter future. Every classroom we build holds the dreams and aspirations of countless children. Beneficiaries: Thanks to your …

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