Inequity in
Africa is
Taking Lives

And you are their only savior.

At Africa Relief, we made it our main duty to bring a little justice to the lives of the once we can. And it is only possible with your help.

A Year Ends
Another Begins

So goes on the struggles of the poor.

Africa is home to one of the world’s hunger
hotspots, with two out of three people in the world
impacted by food insecurity living on the continent.
People are struggling to find decent shelters and
orphans are being forced to live and work in horrible
conditions in order to survive.

Normally, winter is a dire time for us, as the world
suffers more from famine and being shelterless, but
your light can illuminate the darkness, in these dire
times more than ever.

Your donation to Africa Relief can save the lives of many.

Tonight’s Dinner Could Be On You

Recurring drought, conflict, and instability have led to severe food shortages, and 14 million Africans from Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya are on the brink of starvation, around half of them being children. Africans from all around the continent are struggling to find a days worth of food for their families, and if global action is not taken soon, the death toll seems to become worse than expected.

As Africa Relief, our work on ending hunger in Africa has been continuously progressing and so far we provided food baskets that have helped millions of families and individuals.

Food Basket


Food Basket


Food Basket


Food Basket

Donate a custom amount to provide a food basket of essentials.

Sponsor an Orphan,
Let Children Remain Children

We take care of our children like the heart of our souls, don’t we? We want them to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. But millions of orphans in Africa are struggling to survive, entitled to work, even forced to work, or worse.

At Africa Relief, we want children to remain children. With your support, we meet the education, shelter, and nutrition needs of more and more children every day.

Sponsor an Orphan for a Month

Sponsor an Orphan for a Year

Donate a Custom Amount

Fight Blindness

Give The Gift Of Health

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness and vision loss in Africa. 1.2% of the entire population of Africa is blind, and cataracts are behind 36% of that blindness. 

Africa Relief is organizing a series of medical missions to perform 2,000 cataract surgeries in Mozambique before the end of the year. Our work is critical because more than 75% of all blindness in Africa is avoidable with the correct medical care. We need your help to share the gift of sight.

Be Their Oasis

The water crisis in Africa has reached devastating numbers. Roughly 330 million people are not using a clean water source and 84% of those people live in rural areas. Those who do not have access to clean water are forced to drink from unprotected and possibly contaminated water sources.

Help us build water wells that will allow clean water access to communities all over Africa.

Build a Surface Water Well

Build an Artisanal Water Well

Build a Solar Water Well

Extend Your
Care To Africa

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