Our Mission & Vision


To provide comprehensive relief and developmental aid to people in the African continent regardless of gender, race, or religion.


To lead USA-based humanitarian relief for the African continent.


> Emerge as a leading International humanitarian relief and development organization for the people of Africa

> Develop immediate and long-term humanitarian interventions and solutions.

> Empower and protect the dignity of individuals in their local communities

> Ensure the protection and security of our stakeholders

Our Core Values

Protect the dignity of our beneficiaries

Protect the privacy of our constituents

Maintain consistent standards of excellence and professionalism in our work

Ensure that our beneficiaries are eligible for need regardless of gender, race, or religion

Together For Humanity

Join Campaign & Helping Us By Donating

At Africa Relief and community development organization, we take a holistic, integrated approach to relief all people affected by poverty and disease and orphan in Africa regions.

We enable our partner communities to develop custom solutions to their most pressing challenges. We respond to emergencies — delivering food, digging wells, healthcare, orphan sponsorship, woman training programs and education sponsorship – we stay until there’s a plan for sustained well-being. We empower communities to address issues.

Our technical experts serve as resources to community leaders. And our programs harness the power of working together for community goals.

Our approach builds resilience. So communities can build their futures

Sponsor a student or contribute to the funding of a school and/or educational materials.
Your action to help Africa Relief can be either by donating to one of our campaigns, or by volunteering.
Africa Relief provide food aid to thousands of people at regions where basic food items are not that accessible
Join the Africa Relief team, either apply for job with us or volunteer your time for this mission.