Strategic Partnerships in Tanzania: Africa Relief Collaborates with the Ministry of Health and Education

Where: Tanzania

Sector: Health, Education

Month: August 2023

The Africa Relief team has made significant strides in our ongoing efforts to enhance healthcare services in Tanzania. Our visit to the office of the Deputy Minister of Health promises our inclusion in their 2024 plan focusing on eye and hearing operations. This collaboration further extends to equipping hospitals in alignment with the ministry’s vision. We also had a productive discussion with an education official, which may lead to a partnership with the Ministry of Education in the future.

  • Outcomes of the Meeting:
    • Inclusion in the Health Ministry’s 2024 plan for eye and hearing operations.
    • Equipping hospitals in collaboration with the ministry.
    • Signed a partnership agreement with Charity Vision and LEP.
    • Launch of the “Hear and See” program.
    • Possible cooperation avenues with the Ministry of Education.


Patients needing eye and hearing treatments, hospitals that will benefit from enhanced equipment/resources, and educational beneficiaries from potential collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

As we venture into these strategic partnerships, your unwavering support aids us in reaching broader horizons and ensuring better health and education for all.