Strengthening Partnerships in Ghana: Africa Relief Collaborates with the Ministry of Social Affairs

Where: Ghana

Sector: Education, Health, Orphan Support, Community Development

Implementation Month: August 2023

Project Description:

Africa Relief had the honor of meeting with the Minister of Social Affairs and key officials at the ministry’s headquarters in Ghana. This vital meeting explored mutual areas of interest, from introducing our mission to discussing specific collaborative efforts aimed at bettering the lives of the under-resourced Ghanaian community.

  • Key Discussions:
    • Africa Relief’s role and ambitions in Ghana, highlighting our broader goals across the African continent.
    • Containers shipped to Ghana, with some already delivered.
    • Procedures for customs exemption certificates to expedite our future relief efforts.
    • A crucial topic was the support for orphans, and the ministry provided valuable data on how we can engage and support them better.
    • A comprehensive partnership between Africa Relief and the ministry, influencing various service departments in Ghana.
  • Outcomes of the Meeting:
    • The approval and coordination of educational container distributions, with documents provided for each designated area.
    • Three of the educational containers will be specifically channeled for our specialized centers.
    • A timeline is set to clear all containers by September 1st.
    • A medical clinic will be gifted to the government as a gesture of goodwill from Africa Relief.
    • A comprehensive customs exemption certificate will be issued for our containers related to a multitude of sectors, streamlining our operations.
    • For medical convoy missions, excluding imminent ones, there will be tight-knit coordination with hospitals and the Ministry of Health to pinpoint the most needy locations.
    • We have a clearer understanding of the orphan situation, with current records indicating 6,000 orphans across Ghana.


Immediate beneficiaries encompass the institutions awaiting our containers, educational facilities, medical facilities, and notably, the 6,000 registered orphans in Ghana.

This partnership reflects our commitment to driving impactful change. Your continued support ensures that such collaborations flourish, enabling us to reach more communities and touch more lives.