Stand with Sudanese Refugees: Provide Food, Shelter, and Support for Orphaned Children in Sudan and Chad

Thousands of Sudanese refugee children in Sudan and Chad need your help. Your donation can provide safe shelters, nutritious food baskets, and essential support for orphaned children.
Every contribution brings hope and security to these vulnerable lives. Make a difference today and donate now.

Every contribution brings hope and security to these vulnerable lives. Make a difference today and donate now.

Letter from the Sudanese Embassy in Washington to Africa Relief

Our association received a letter from the Sudanese embassy in Washington, expressing gratitude for our efforts in caring for Sudanese refugees who moved to Chad due to the ongoing war in Sudan. The embassy thanked us for providing food aid, supporting orphans, and offering shelter. They acknowledged our tremendous efforts and requested our continued assistance for the refugees until the situation in Sudan is resolved.

Shelter Sponsorship

Provide safe, durable homes for Sudanese refugee children who have lost everything. Your support offers them security and stability, restoring their hope for a brighter future.

Food Basket

Deliver essential food baskets to Sudanese refugee families facing hunger. Your support provides nourishment and sustenance, offering hope during their most challenging times.

Orphan Sponsorship

Support orphaned Sudanese children with vital sponsorship. Your contribution provides care, stability, and a brighter future, ensuring they receive the support they desperately need.

Our Impact In Sudan

Ramadan food baskets
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We have provided 300+ Ramadan food baskets last Ramadan in Which we helped approximately 2400 beneficiaries. This brought hope and relief.

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We provided Adahi for over 14,500 beneficiaries in Sudan. Your support ensured these families received essential nourishment and hope during challenging times.

Supporting Sudanese refugees
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We’ve supported Sudanese refugees in Chad camps, impacting over 3,300 beneficiaries through our Udhiya program, providing essential aid and hope for a better future.

Our Journey of Impact

Close-up of two Africans’ hands


Africa Relief was established with more than 6 motivated members.

Two people at a rural water pump in Africa


Launched our first fundraising campaign, raising awareness and funds for water and sanitation projects in rural communities.

joyful African woman


Expanded our programs to include educational initiatives, providing scholarships and school supplies to children in need.

African women in contemplation amidst


Responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by distributing essential supplies and supporting healthcare facilities across the continent.

Woman smiling beside a water pump in Africa


Partnered with local NGOs to implement sustainable agriculture projects, improving food security and livelihoods.


More Ways to Make an Impact

Food Aid

Our Healthy Food initiatives are not just about sustenance; they're about cultivating healthier, happier lives. Join us in providing nourishing meals to communities across Africa.


Every passing moment without education is a missed opportunity, allowing ignorance to triumph and keep minds unlit. Join Africa Relief's urgent Education Drive.

Medical Help

In the pursuit of health and well-being, Africa Relief extends its Healing Hands. Your contribution can be the lifeline for those in desperate need of vital medical assistance.

Clean Water

At Africa Relief, we're creating ripples of change. Your donation can be the drop that creates a transformative wave, ensuring universal access to safe and clean water for all.

Orphan Sponsorship

Help orphan children. we provide basic needs for orphan children such as food, water, clothing, education, and health care. Your contribution can make a difference.


According to the Qur’an (9:60), there are 8 categories eligible to receive Zakat. Contribute your Zakat today to Africa Relief and make a meaningful impact with your giving!


Ramadan is a time to reflect, rejuvenate, and purify ourselves. It's an opportunity to extend our hands and uplift those facing hardship. Join us in sharing your kindness.


Bridging Dreams: Your Support for Africa’s Young Souls

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