Together for Humanity

Volunteer to Spread Happiness

Why volunteering?  The reward that someone feel when s/he decide to help someone, who is going through, tough time, is very satisfying and fulfilling of the heart.  The smile that you bring to peoples’ faces, because of a small act of help, is so addicting that once you recognize it, you just can’t stop.  It is almost you feel you need to keep on helping, because you need to keep your heart satisfied and healthy.

Studies actually shows that the act of helping others in any capacity possible, finance, time, or knowledge will:

  1. make you happier
  2. make you calmer
  3. release your stress
  4. increase your confidence in yourself
  5. increase your circle of friends and network
  6. make you feel you are part of the better world
  7. increase your set of skills
  8. advance your career

The mission of Africa Relief and Community Development is very much needed by the affected people in Africa, and for that reason volunteering for its causes to ease some of the hardship of those who are affected by either natural disaster, or man made disasters is very much appreciated and will warm your heart knowing your small action did make a difference in someone’s life in a positive way.

Here at Africa Relief we invite you to lend us a hand and help achieve our mission.

Don’t not hesitate to apply with us today.  Click here!