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Why volunteer? The reason is simple: nothing matches the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from alleviating the suffering of others. Their smiles of gratitude are worth the world,and in fact more than a little addicting. You’ll want to see those smiles again, and again, andagain. The reward that someone feels when s/he decides to help someone, who is going through, tough time, is very satisfying and fulfilling. The smile that you bring to peoples’ faces, because of a small act of help, is so addicting that once you recognize it, you just can’t stop. It is almost like you feel you need to keep on helping, because you need to keep your heart satisfied and healthy. Studies have shown that the act of helping others in any capacity possible will: – Increase your happiness – Relieve your stress – Boost your confidence – Expand your network – Develop your skillset – Advance your career Africa Relief and Community Development’s mission is a vital one for millions of malnourished and underserviced people throughout the continent. For many individuals, your small contribution could be the difference between a short, agonizing existence and a lengthy, flourishing one whose fruits extends for generations. Lend a hand, and change a life. Do not hesitate to apply with us today