What We Do

Water Projects

Today, millions of people in Africa are still deprived of the basic necessity of having access to clean water in their immediate environment. Therefore, this forces millions of people, mostly women and children, to undertake a journey of several miles, sometimes twice a day, to a river, ground water hole, or other source of water. Often, these sources of water are impure, potentially bearing disease, parasites, and mosquitoes that carry malaria. They then start their journey back home-where they are at risk for danger and abuse- with an average of 40 pounds of water on their heads. Over 320 million people in Africa do not have access to a clean source of water. 84% of these people live in rural areas. These statistics represent an increase of 66 million people since 1990. Having access to an essential resource, such as clean water, should not be a privilege.

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Orphan Sponsorship

No child should have to be burdened with financial distress in addition to the personal distress that is felt when losing a parent. Africa Relief and Community Development offers the Orphan Sponsorship program to try to ease this hardship of losing a parent, so that at least, the orphans basic needs are covered.

For many of us, it is quite easy or common to spend $50 on a meal, whereas $50 can cover a month’s worth of necessities such as food, clothing, and school supplies. Please consider donating to this cause.


Student Sponsorship

To help achieve our mission of providing community development to Arfican countries, we began with the initiative of focusing on education. We did this by building new educational centers, providing school supplies to students who cannot afford them, and providing tuition assistance to college students. Currently, we support college students in Ghana, Gambia, and Tanzania, and have built educational centers in Ghana, Tanzania, Djibouti, Togo, Gambia, and Uganda. With your gifts, we can continue to support these students and expand our program to other countries. The 2 project campaigns that you can make your gift to are College Student Sponsorships and Educational Centers.

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