What We Do

Water Projects

Millions of African people are still deprived of the privilege of having access to water in their immediate environment.
This lack forces millions of people, mostly women and children, to undertake a journey of several miles, sometimes twice a day, to the river or ground water hole.
Often, they find that the water there is dirty, potentially bearing disease, parasites, and mosquitoes that carry malaria.
Then, they start the hours long journey back home—where they are exposed to danger and abuse—with an average of 40 pounds of water on their heads.
The African continent faces the greatest challenge of any region of the world with roughly (330 million) people not using a clean water source. Eighty-four percent of these people live in rural areas.
This represents an increase of 66 million people since 1990 who do not a clean water source.

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Orphan Sponsorship

It is hard enough on a child to a lose a parent and the love a parent provide.  Africa Relief by offering Orphan Sponsorship program is trying to ease this hardship on the life of an orphan by securing at least the necessary needs.  For most of us the $50 can be spent on one meal, but for an orphan this is a month worth of necessary needs, like clothing, food, and school supplies.


Student Sponsorship

To help achieve our mission in providing community development to African countries, we began with the initiative of focusing on education.  We did this by building new educational centers, providing educational supplies to existing schools, and sponsoring students who can’t afford basic school supplies.  Education is number one tool to help increase the development of communities.

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