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Food Aid

Support Africa Relief to fight hunger in Africa

Zakat Maal

Calculate your Zakat Maal with our Zakat Calculator.

Orphan Sponsorship

The reality to lose a parent is very harsh for a child. For $50 only you can sponsor one orphan for one month.

663 million people drink dirty water. Learn how access to clean water can improve health, boost local economies, empower women, and give kids more time in school.

Together We Help Africa Become Better!

Please help us change lives around the African Continent.

Together For Humanity

80,593 Children In 49 Countries.

At Africa Relief and Community Development, we take a holistic, integrated approach to relieve orphans and persons afflicted by poverty and disease in the regions of Africa.
Water Wells in 2020
2M $
Happy Families
Students Sponsorship
Educational Centers in 2020
People Fed in 2020

Africa Needs Your Help!

Your small contribution will make a big difference in some child’s life. Don’t wait another day. Bring happiness to your heart today!

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